13r3 order delivery outstanding since 18/7 any reps present?

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is this normal for dell uk support

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  1. Pete- 7r0jan

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    didn't know I could do that. I'll go to the bank and see what can be done.
  2. IKAS V

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    Forget emailing them call them directly.
    Same sort of thing happened to me , DELL had a sale and with coupons I thought I got a great deal (almost half off )on a new 13R3.
    Got a delivery date and all that but it never showed up , so I waited and waited so after a week of waiting I contacted them asking what’s going on and all the reps I talked said it was on the way so I waited and waited and 2 more weeks go by with no laptop.
    I called again and asked what’s going on finally I get someone that says it’s stuck at a warehouse and the delay was because the truck it was on was in a accident and couldn’t be delivered on said date and they were going to get it delivered shortly.
    So I waited and waited again and still no laptop so by this point I’m really pissed off and call Dell and there like yeah OK will cancel the order and send you a new one but you’ll only get your refund once we get the first returned to us, so I told them the story about the truck being in a accident and the laptop for some reason or other being stuck at the the warehouse, so they told me to call the FedEx.
    So I called FedEx and they couldn’t find the package .
    I called Dell again and had them contact FedEx and supposedly the package was damaged and they could not deliver it that’s hat caused the delay but they would be happy to send me a new one but at that point I was done and had enough by both parties and just canceled it outright.
    Yes it was FedEx that started the problem and they could have contacted me and told me about the situation but it still left a bad taste in my mouth after the whole ordeal.
    I wish you luck and keep pestering them I did get a full refund after a few weeks.
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