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    Default VPC-F12C5E: Pioneer BD-ROM BDC-TD03 won't read DVDs


    I bought my Sony VAIO F12 earlier this year and it seems my BD-ROM will play blu-rays and CDs but cannot recognise DVDs. Is this correct? Every time I put a DVD in, it demands I insert a disc that isn't empty. It can also write CDs and, as well as me thinking it could read DVDs, I thought it could write them too.

    I always assumed if you had a BD-ROM it inherited the ability to read CDs and DVDs just like a DVD-ROM inherits the ability to read CDs. Am I wrong in my assumption? My assumption is just on reading the aforementioned formats, haven't bothered mentioning about writing.


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    Default Re: VPC-F12C5E: Pioneer BD-ROM BDC-TD03 won't read DVDs

    The BDROM is supposed to be able to read BD, DVD, and CD. If it's not reading DVD, you might want to try uninstalling it via Device Manager, reboot, and let it be rediscovered/reinstalled. If that does not solve the problem, you should contact Sony for a replacement or something.

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