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    Default Sony's Extended Service Plan

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    Blu-ray Disc player
    LED Backlit Keyboard

    Is Sony's Extended Service Plan purchase a big mistake?? I haven't read one good thing about it..They make it sound great when your placing your order.

    2 Year Express Ship Service Plan with ADH for Notebooks - [ $249.99 ]
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    Default Re: Sony's Extended Service Plan

    Of course they make it sound great. Extended service plans are one of the primary ways they make their profits.

    The thing to consider is the likelihood that A.) the hardware will fail within the next few years and B.) you will drop or damage the notebook on accident. You can control B more than you can control A. But you pay a pretty premium for protection against B.

    One thing you might do if you have renter's or homeowner's insurance is check with your provider about accidental damage protection for your computer. Usually you can add that as a rider. If it's cheap, skip the ADH through Sony and go with the cheaper warranty that just protects against hardware failure/defects.

    I would definitely recommend having them give you a copy of the agreement before you purchase it, and read every single word. There is some stuff in there that might surprise you. For example, if I remember right, let's say your computer has a complete meltdown after six months and they replace it per the warranty. I believe Sony considers its warranty obligations fulfilled at that point, even if you purchased a three year plan. In other words, you'd need to buy a new plan if you want more coverage on your replacement.
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    Default Re: Sony's Extended Service Plan

    Thanks for the input, You make some very valid points....
    I'm definitely going to have to check into some things before
    I commit to this purchase.



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