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    Default Vaio TZ: Replace hard disk with SSD?


    I have a Vaio TZ180N laptop with a 5400RPM hard disk and Vista. The disk is incredibly slow in my opinion - especially since I use this as a development machine (perhaps not best suited for the job!!). I have 2GB memory in it, but that doesn't seem to help all that much as the system is constantly running at 90%+ memory usage.

    I would like to replace the disk with an SSD disk if possible. Will this work?

    I'm a novice when it comes to the hardware of a laptop and will need some advice. Are SSD drives basically compatible with the disk in the Vaio? If so, should I look for something specific while buying an SSD drive - such as a specific interface or something?

    If this is possible, will this significantly improve the performance of my machine?


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    Default Re: Vaio TZ: Replace hard disk with SSD?

    Yes, they will be compatible. You can confirm that your hard drive is SATA in your C: properties -> hardware, then Google the part number. If it is, then it should be an easy upgrade, else you will need to find an IDE SSD. I'd also advise upgrading memory since it is a very cheap upgrade. You should notice a significant boost in performance after a clean install w/ VLite (Vista) onto the SSD.
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    Default Re: Vaio TZ: Replace hard disk with SSD?

    If you want to upgrade your hd you'll need a 1.8 pata ssd with ZIF adapter. The upgrade is pretty pricey probably about 225 or so for a 32gb disc and someone around 400ish for a 64gb unless you want to go to ebay. The hd upgrade for the TZ is not as simple as other laptops and you'll probably want to check out one of the guides listed in this forum.

    On a side note you might want to consider just installing a clean copy of XP. I was considering upgrading my TZ to an SSD until I installed XP and found that the system ran much much better.

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    Default Re: Vaio TZ: Replace hard disk with SSD?

    I have been thinking about doing the same thing. A few months ago, I bought a Dell Mini 9 and a RunCore 64Gb SSD. It looks like the same drive is available in 1..8 pata ssd with ZIF. http://conics.net/catalog/advanced_s...89742c&x=0&y=0

    I would like to know how the performance of the RunCore will compare to the current HD in my TZ130.




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