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    Default SZ Bat only charges to 80 percent


    I have a new SZ650. Running XP. That was a wise choice. All my software is compatible and the install disks from Sony seem to have worked perfectly BUT. The battery only charges to 80 percent. I'm sure that has to do with settings - extended batt life??

    Vaio support (via chat) advised me to check the BIOS. There are no bio settings for the battery and setting 'power management off' doesn't make any difference.

    Can anyone help? I'd like to be able to use the full battery charge at times.


    PS I love this machine. I have a Dell D800 but it was getting too heavy to carry around at my age!

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    Default Re: SZ Bat only charges to 80 percent

    I just got my SZ780 and i have noticed that too.. I believe it's a setting from the power management.. VAIO software (battery care) prevents battery to charge 100% to reduce the wear. Just go to the setting and turn it off.. I am new to this 80% charge. Please correct me if I am wrong

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    Default Re: SZ Bat only charges to 80 percent

    I have a new SZ780 and charged the battery up to 100% the first time. I know that on the "Speed" (NVIDIA graphics) setting, the battery setting defaults to something called "Vaio Optimized" (which is what mine was on) and on the "Stamina" setting, the default was "Vaio Maximum" (I think). You should be able to pull up what these, and other, settings mean by right-clicking on the battery icon on the task bar.

    Edited to add:

    Of course, those defaults may have been set by whoever installed the OS (the vendor in my case).

    Also, when I glanced at the detailed battery settings, I didn't see an option that limited recharging to a certain percentage, but maybe I missed that. I guess some people are saying it's a good idea not to allow recharging up to 100%?
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