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    Thanks guys for the input and support. I thought about it and although it still bothers me slightly, I'm sure that in a few days/weeks I won't mind it that much, especially since it's such a nice machine.

    I'm finding performance in Vista better than expected as well. The memory usage in Vista is much more efficient than in XP. Memory is actually freed up when you close programs, unlike XP where it keeps hogging part of the resources. I think it's the way Vista handles, regulates, and blocks the opening and closing of applications.

    As far as speed, I'm sure it's the SSD in mine doing the tricks. However, I can still appreciate the better memory management much more than switching to XP.

    By the way, the Bordeaux finish is absolutely stunning. On certain angles and under certain light, it looks black with a tiny tint of red. At other angles it's a more subtle red. Looks amazing. Of course if you shine it under bright white light you can clearly see the colour. I would trade the slight imperfections for the color any day.
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    My N series has the same issue for some reason. on the bottom left side of my monitor there is a 1mm deep bulge where the bezel is separated from the lcd. From the looks of it the bezel itself is slightly too wide... causing it to bow versus the lcd staying flat. It looks like it was only attached using sticky tape. Does this warrant having it sent in for service? Sorta freaked out seeing as this is a brand new computer.


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