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    Default Recovery on Sony SZ491N

    I recently purchased a new Sony SZ491N and I reinstalled Windows Vista after partitioning the Hard Drive. I've had a few problems reinstalling drivers but to the most part it has been hassle free.

    The main problem i have now is that since the Hard Drive was fully wiped after the partition, I no longer have the Sony recovery center. I therefore am without the fingerprint reader software, CD/DVD burning software as well as the DVD player software. I have been unsuccessful in finding the Recovery CD on the Sony website (and the accessories and parts website). (Oh, and I don't live in the US so I can't call the hotline )

    Does anyone know a solution for this or that could lead me in the right direction?

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    Default Re: Recovery on Sony SZ491N

    Go to vaio.sony.co.uk and select any sz4 computer in the downloads section and download preinstalled drivers and utilities. i installed drivers for my sz1 from here and it worked out well.

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    Default Re: Recovery on Sony SZ491N

    for drivers i go here:

    read before using since there is a step-by-step requirement for certain hardware to work.

    regarding the recovery cd.... you'll have to call them to buy one or get one for free (if they're nice) if you had not made a recovery disk before wiping.
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