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    Default Microsoft Office 2007 Key/Activation

    If you did not buy your VAIO with a full version of Office directly from Sony you ONLY have a TRIAL version of Microsoft Office 2007 pre-installed on your notebook.

    If you are unable to activate/enter the key for your trial, you need to do the following:

    Method 1:

    1. Go to Start/All Programs/Microsoft Office/Activation Assistant
    2. Choose "Click Here to Request your Trial Activation Key Online"
    3. Follow the steps

    Method 2:

    Request a new key from Microsoft by going to:
    Or by calling:

    Microsoft MUST generate a key for your product.

    If you need a replacement product for Office try the free OpenOffice at openoffice.org

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    Default Re: Microsoft Office 2007 Key/Activation

    Thanks for that!



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