Quantcast Wireless Switch Setting Utility problems (Windows Vista)

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    Default Wireless Switch Setting Utility problems (Windows Vista)

    Wireless Switch Setting Utility insure (Windows Vista)


    Iím encountering a few problems with this software (ver.
    Every time I lock my notebook (SZ340, Vista Business express upgrade) I got WiFi disconnected when unlock the user.

    This also happens when I switch users.

    Iím sure this software is the cause of the problem, because the disconnection only happens if WiFi Switch Setting Utility is running. If I close the software there isnít disconnection problem when switch users or lock/unlock the computer.

    Any solution to this? If I uninstall this software has another way to keep the Bluetooth off and turn on easily when needed?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Wireless Switch Setting Utility problems (Windows Vista)

    Hm well I don't think mine disconnects when I lock it - but it does when it goes on Standy/Hibernate - can't believe it does it for Standbye though. Bit annoying. Might just be a Vista problem - not everything is quite running in order yet.
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