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    Default Sony accidental damage warranty Questions

    Hey there,

    I read somewhere on this forum that its possiable to buy this accidental damage warranty from sony, and well in a year or so if you vaio breaks you can get it fixed or you can trade it in and get a newer model.

    I am wondering if this in infact true? Also I am wondering what is accidental damage?

    Is it like using your vaio non stop, like not shutting it down and using it as a desktop or something else? I have never bought a warrenty before and would like as much info as possiable before i purchase my next vaio.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Sony accidental damage warranty Questions

    Accidental damage is ACCIDENTAL. So you are covered for all kinds of things that the standard warranty for parts does not cover. For example, if you crack the screen if you drop a notebook, then it's covered, whereas that isn't considered something a normal warranty would cover. Normal warranties differ from accidental coverage because they only warrant manufacturer's defects.
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    Default Re: Sony accidental damage warranty Questions

    Just to clarify, Accidental Coverage (ADH) would cover defects AS WELL AS accidents. It is also On-site service, so the technician comes to you to fix.

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    Default Re: Sony accidental damage warranty Questions

    accidental damage is ONLY covered if it affects the workability of the PC. Cosmetic damage is NOT covered if the laptop still works. I just called on this.

    Jeremy <><



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