Hi, I purchased a VGN-S260 in December and I just noticed that the battery indicator light stops blinking when the battery is 85% charged but the battery is still charging. I don't think it used to do that but I'm not sure. I spoke with some sony tech guys and they said they don't know whats going on because it's only suppose to stop charging at 85% when there's a second battery but this notebook only support 1 battery. According to the manual, it says that the indicator is suppose to stop blinking when the battery is fully charged. The tech guys had me talk to one of their engineering people leave me a message and they pretty much said that this is normal. Is there something wrong with my notebook? I also tried swapping the battery with another notebook but it does exactly the same thing so I know it's not a problem with the battery and I did a complete restore on the computer so I know it's not a software thing either.
Thanks for your time guys.