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    Default upgrading ssd in hp

    My Hp Dv6T-7000 quad laptop came direct from Hp with Win7 64bit, 160gb ssd, 8g ram. I currently have @ 85 gigs available for use. I will upgrade in another six months, looking at a 256gb/512gb ssd which should be satisfactory for me for several years. Of course Hp claims the motherboard will not support the upgrade.
    My question regards how easy this upgrade would be. I plan to go with crucial m4 using the cloning software included with the ssd purchase. It would appear to be pretty straight forward. Clone the current ssd to the new ssd, install new ssd in laptop.
    Are there any issues that may cause me problems doing this upgrade that I should look out for? Is it as simple as it would appear as stated?

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    Default Re: upgrading ssd in hp

    I would not clone but reinstall from scratch



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