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    Mangekyo Sharingan
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    Default Instantly Logged Out?

    I keep getting logged out when ever i try to access my Personal Messages but then it logs me back in without having to enter any details when i leave the section

    For example:

    1. Log In
    2. Main Page still logged in
    3. Try to Access Personal Messages
    4 Logged out
    5. Pressed Home and logged back in
    6. Try to access personal Messages
    7. Logged out

    I have tried everything and i am not quite sure how or why i keep getting logged out every time that i try and access my personal messages
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    Default Re: Instantly Logged Out????

    Are you anywhere near the limit for total messages? Your limit can be found on the inbox page near the bottom.
    (I assume you have tried changing styles to Vb4 Default for instance, or a differnet browser and/or clearing cache)
    Also are you using any programs to store passwords other than what is bulit into your browser?

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    Default Re: Instantly Logged Out????

    Which browser and forum style are you using?



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