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    Default Thermal Pads - Where to Buy?

    I replaced the videocard in my Sager 9860 recently and I know I compromised the thermal pads on the RAM. According to Getthermal, The GPU has two temp probe points. They sit around 60C while the computer is doing basic non 3d windows apps. But when I start using any 3D apps, the GPU temps rise to over 100C and eventually the macine will shut-off at the critical temp point. This is with the stock fans at 100% and the whole machine sitting on a Zalman NC2000 cooler. I'm told that most thermal pads are pretty much one-time use and I'm aware that even touching and getting finger oils on them can make them basically useless.

    I have been searching the Internet and have found a few manufacturers of really high-end thermal pads (5 W/m-K) but I can't seem to find where they are offered for sale. I've even gone so far as to order some samples from the manufacturers, Bergquist and Chomerics.

    I guess I'm wondering if anyone knows of a retailer who sells thermal pads or a recommendation of something else that might work. I know I can get some plain old thermal tape at radio shack or something but I'm concerned with the performance. Maybe that's what I'll do while I await the samples and see if it makes a difference in my overheating issues.

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    Default Re: Thermal Pads - Where to Buy?

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    Default Re: Thermal Pads - Where to Buy?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gophn View Post
    He might be better off creating shims (using copper or another very thermally conductive metal) instead of using pads. I've done it for a desktop GPU (had to use brass ) and it worked much better than the pads.



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