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    Default Hard Drive Size in CF-28

    This is probably here somewhere but I haven't been able to find it yet.

    What is the max hard drive size that CF-28 can take??

    I have a 30gb in mine and bought a Samsung 160gb to replace it. I don't have a CD/DVD on the 28 so took out the old drive and put it in my desktop and cloned it with Ghost 9. When I put the 160 in the toughbook it just goes to the second XP screen (with the dark bars at the top and bottom) and hangs there. I see intermittant disk activity but it never gets off that screen. Same thing if I boot in safe mode.

    When I look at the bios setup screen it says it thinks the drive is 137gb. That makes me think it won't see a large hard drive (say over 80-100gb???).

    I'm on the V12 bios and it looks like V13 only fixed a battery charging problem. ? ?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I've ordered an 80gb to see how that works.



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    Default Re: Hard Drive Size in CF-28

    I was running a 160gb seagate momentus 5400 drive for a while.. decided to replace it with a hitachi 100gb 7200 though!

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    Default Re: Hard Drive Size in CF-28

    Quote Originally Posted by hpa_missouri View Post
    When I look at the bios setup screen it says it thinks the drive is 137gb. That makes me think it won't see a large hard drive (say over 80-100gb???).
    That sounds about right. Drives never format to advertised capacity. Advertised capacity is assuming 1000KB = 1MB, which it does not (It's really 1024KB = 1MB).

    This means 137GB sounds about right. Both of my 500GB drives in my desktop register as 465GB if it makes you feel better.
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    Default Re: Hard Drive Size in CF-28

    Google "max hard drive size XP" and if you don't have SP2 or have win 2000 you need to enable large disks. there is a limit about 136 GB but I have win 2K on a cf-28M and now it does 160 GB drive

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    Default Re: Hard Drive Size in CF-28

    I install a WD Scorpio 250GB with no problems bios shows it at 137GB but windows see the rest of the drive 232GB. The strap on my bag came loose as I was putting it on my back. The bag and toughbook power Cord hit the floor with a resounding thug all worked when I opened the lid.

    Here's a link to the drives spec's

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