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    Default OCZDIY17A2-BM88XT SLI Upgrade

    Any resellers still offering ATI HD3870 SLI upgrades (card and cable)?

    I was looking to buy a this whitebook but it only comes with one gpu, so just wondering if any reseller still offers the extra card and cable.

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    Default Re: OCZDIY17A2-BM88XT SLI Upgrade

    where in the heck do you fine one with the 3870 been looking for one for days! at least sometin under 1k

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    Default Re: OCZDIY17A2-BM88XT SLI Upgrade

    You can get one at Xotic PC
    Current Laptop. OCZ Whitebook, 2.54 Ghz P9500, 4 Gb Ram DDR3, CROSSFIRE ATI HD3870

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