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    Default Sony updates VAIO E and F laptops Discussion

    Sony has updated its VAIO E and F laptop lines, bringing new graphics, new CPUs, and USB 3.0 to the party. And for early holiday shoppers, Sony is running a promotion for free upgrades to full HD displays on VAIO EB and EC models.

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    Default Re: Sony updates VAIO E and F laptops Discussion

    The new Vaio F is pretty sweet, but the good news here is you can get the outgoing F for a great deal if you don't mind the GT330 gpu. We just last week purchased a F with the GT330(is it optimus?), back-lit keyboard, 500gb hd, and blu-ray for under $1k all said & done. Kind of wish it came with usb 3.0 as for a 16in laptop having the same amount of usb ports(2) as my 11in Vaio TT is a bit lacking imo.

    Is it just me or is it a bit odd standard screen is 1366 x 768, but the optional is 1920x1080, skipping the the 1600 x 900 option.
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    Default Re: Sony updates VAIO E and F laptops Discussion

    I don't usually comment on Sony laptops and I would probably never get one. However I have to hand it to them for putting in TWO USB 3.0 ports in the VAIO F laptops. I believe that's the 16 inch one if I am not mistaken, Anyway out of the few USB 3.0 laptops I have seen normally the vendor offers only ONE USB 3.0 port. Hopefully more Vendors will do this with their upcoming laptops for the Holidays and in early 2011.

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    Default Re: Sony updates VAIO E and F laptops Discussion

    The EB series is quite tempting -- 1080p screen on a 15.5" notebook for under $900. There are just way too many notebooks that size range with the pathetic 1366x768 stuff. Seriously, cell phones almost have a higher resolution than that.
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    Default Vaio F with Nvidia Optimus?

    The article above by Matthew Elliot states that the Vaio F with 425m GPU has Nvidia Optimus graphics switching, which would be great. I know the GPU supports it. On the other hand, has this feature been confirmed by Sony? My understanding is that while the 425m GPU supports it, Sony has this feature disabled because they've failed to stop using the same PM55 chipset from the F's introduction in January. Supposedly that chipset doesn't support onboard graphics. It wouldn't surprise me as Sony has made some odd choices in their F and E series refreshes. They give the EC a 1080p screen option and larger HDD options yet leave off USB 3.0, Ati graphics switching, and a backlit keyboard option. On the F, they update the GPU, give it USB 3.0, yet possibly leave off Nvidia Optimus. Can anyone confirm?



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