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    Default HOW TO: Switch between Static and Dynamic IP?

    I have a Static IP set up for my notebook on my home network. I did this in order to get better download speeds.

    Now when I connect to the network at school I need to change my settings to "Obtain IP Address Automatically" which deletes my previous Static IP settings.

    How can I change between both Static and Dynamic IP without needing to retype my Static IP everytime?


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    Default Re: HOW TO: Switch between Static and Dynamic IP?

    how about set.up a 2nd connection? then u'd have one with static and the other with dynamic, just a matter of disable and enable

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    Default Re: HOW TO: Switch between Static and Dynamic IP?

    go to network settings and set it to obtain the address automatically. Once you do it there will be another tab with Alternate connection tag. there you can enter your static address.

    The point of this is that everytim the comp asks for IP, it will try dynamic first, and if it doesn't find it, it will try your static address. Meaning - it always works.



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