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    Default Lenovo Yoga Networking issues

    I seem to be having perhaps a router conflict with my new windows 8 machine. I will note that at any one time the amount of possible connection on our router is high. Wireless alone i have my clevo p180, my new lenovo yoga, xbox 360 ps3, transformer infinity, cell phone, psvita, nintendo DSI, nintendo 3ds that can all connect to the wireless. of course its basically never that theyre all connected but there are aother devices that connect as well.

    My Yoga connects to the router just fine and it says i have an internet connection but it does not load any webpages. I have noticed it seems to work if i disconnect the p180 from the router, but have not tested with other devices connected. I have removed power from router and modem multiple times but the problem persists, where do i narrow down the issue and fix it?

    I tried switching my settings to the WPA2 password. The same settings that my Sager is using now (WPA2-Personal, AES) and same password, I am getting the settings saved do not match the requirements of the network error.

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    Default Re: Lenovo Yoga Networking issues

    Make sure that drivers are up to date- Win 8 networking drivers are a bit flaky at the moment.

    Also make sure that there are not issues with special characters in the password- sometimes there are issues with some of those- especially in German Windows or networking devices.



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