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    Default PERFORMANCE: WEP vs WPA vs WPA2

    Just what the title says. What types of performance gains/losses would I be looking at if I chose WEP/WPA/WP2...networking and gaming?
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    Default Re: PERFORMANCE: WEP vs WPA vs WPA2

    performance will be identical, it's just how secure it is. WPA2 is the best.

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    Default Re: PERFORMANCE: WEP vs WPA vs WPA2

    Performance will not be identical. The stronger the encryption, the more resource it needs. It also depends on your router and network adapter, some have a built-in AES chip for the encryption so that it doesn't need to use other resources.

    For the record, not gonna get into technical details, but WEP is a joke, anyone can find tools to break it from google.

    EDIT: Correction. Actually, WPA2 should be faster than WPA since WP2 must use hardware AES encryption. But if your router can support WPA2, then it will also do WPA in hardware, so you shouldn't see much of a difference in performance between WPA and WPA2 on a router that supports WPA2. Although some people have reported that there is a greater throughput drop using WPA over WPA2 on some routers.



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