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    Default Intel Sebring API, Proset Utility

    I am trying to get my wireless up and running on my ASUS M5200N lap top but I get the message 'Unable to load the INTEL Sebring API, please install Proset utility'. Can anyone tell me what to do here please?

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    Default Re: Intel Sebring API, Proset Utility

    " Intel PROSet Utility (version 4.01 or later)
    The Intel PROSet Utility is a software suite that allows configuration and monitoring of your Intel networking adapters. Advanced features of the Intel WLAN adapters are supported. For additional information, refer to support.intel.com for your particular adapter. "

    www.support.intel.com <-- check the top downloads list as the Intel PRO/Wireless drivers are listed for various OSes

    best I can do I'm afraid, hopefully it will help.
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