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Notebook Virtuoso

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Feb 17, 2020 at 1:03 PM
    1. varunreeves
      Hello Talon,
      I was looking at your current post about the clevo and was hoping to pm you and talk about it. Please let me know how best to communicate or leave me a pm. Thanks
    2. omega939
      Eh Bud .... Do you have any ideas in forums on how to find out if the ec firmware of your nb can use more than 180watts? I can't tell yet although I am using a 240 watts dell though...Thanks
      1. Talon
        Do you have an UPS with digital readout? I think you could read the power draw that way.
        Feb 3, 2016
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      2. omega939
        I have an ups but it's not digital.. Funny thing my nb can oc the 3940xm up to 4.2ghtz, but beyond that and when i reboot after tweaking the settings via bios, it shuts down... Dunno if it's the ec firmware holding the wattage for my nb or the ac adapter of 240 watts reaches it's limits?
        Feb 3, 2016
    3. Balint Sipos
      Balint Sipos
      Hi Talon,

      I am trying to upgrade my MS-1761 with a GTX 970M. You put a link into your post for the MSI 970m 6GB vBIOS, but it is no longer available. Can you reupload or send over to me please?
      1. Talon
        Unfortunately I do no have that vBios on my computer, as I don't have my laptop anymore. I have a desktop build. I will check my email and see if I backed up the vBIOS for safety.
        Oct 6, 2015
    4. omega939
      eh bud.. I saw in forum you sold your msi gt60... So sadenning. Upgrade itch is it?
    5. snowmanboy
      Hey Talon, I was wondering what thermal pads you recommend for the GT970m GPU upgrade? I've been looking at some different ones, fujipoly seems strong, is ATi any good? Also what w/mk did you use?
    6. Zacb01
      According to my most recent 3dmark(seen on the 970m/980m thread), do you think I am still throttling?
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