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Oct 6, 2017
    1. x-vision
      Country - Spain
      - First Name - Xan
      - Last Name - Pedrosa Vidal
      - Purchased Model - GT72 2QE-804ESK1411000004 (980M 8GB)
      - Email Address - artestudio@gmail.com

      I'll keep waiting your response. Thanks a lot in advance
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    2. Tony Yang
      Tony Yang
      Sorry to bother u, actually i just know u guys have this forum today. Is it really possible to replace my old laptop model with the latest one as u mention earlier. If yes, Kindly help me to replace it please.

      NB: I'm from indonesia but i bought this laptop in philippine (i work and stay here)
      Really appeciate ur help
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    3. Tony Yang
      Tony Yang
      Hi Snallygaster,

      GT72/GT80 owners from philippine

      - Country - Philippine
      - First Name - Tony
      - Last Name - Yang
      - Purchased Model - GT72S 6QD(Dominator G)-037US-BB7682K16G1T0DS10MH (GT72S 6QD-037USK1510000654)
      - Email Address - Tony.springfield88@gmail.com
      1. Beau Newman
        Beau Newman
        Country - Australia
        First Name: Beau
        LAst Name: Newman
        Model: MSI GT72 6QE-068AU
        Email: Beau.newman@internode.on.net
        Jan 2, 2017
      2. Craig young
        Craig young
        First Name: Craig
        Last name: Young
        Model: Msi GT72 2QE-260AU
        Email: Craig_w_young@hotmail.com
        Jun 24, 2017
      3. Craig young
        Craig young
        I started raising questions with MsI last year through their website and noted that after highlighting relevant sections of ACL provisions, MSI amended a few if its websites. This is disappointing because I love my Laptop but I paid $4000 for a model that was advertised as a gt72 that "comes with more possibilities for future upgrades then other notebooks"
        Jun 24, 2017
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