Feb 21, 2011
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Notebook Deity, from Spartanburg, SC

Lost Jul 23, 2015

    1. Viares Strake
      Viares Strake
      Hello @pathfindercode, I dont believe I have enough rep to message you directly yet. I am interested in your x8 and would like to make an offer. Is there some way we can get in contact?
    2. pathfindercod
      1. Edward Kim
        Edward Kim
        At first I want to say sorry about commenting different topics in here but I don't have some ideas to contact you so I commented here.
        Jul 27, 2015
      2. Edward Kim
        Edward Kim
        so important part is I want to ask some upgrading gpu in m15x. I heard you built in 980m in m15x (actually you sold it) but I want some information about upgrading. so Plz give a mail for me. its too hard to contact using this forum. my email is kmj95v@gmail.com
        plz contact to me with email. thanks for reading and have a good day!!
        Jul 27, 2015
    3. ivanj3thro
      Hi Pathfindercod I`m interested on your Alienware m18x r2 would you like to ship it to philippines? im really really want it , there`s also m18x r2 here but its only 3610qm 8gbs of ram with mouse and pouch but i dont need that for such performance difference for $1350 compare to your $1200
    4. Hasjon
      Hey. Pathfindercod.

      I see you using asus sli on your laptop togheter with asus swift rogue screen external monitor? Are you using a mini dp to dp cable or is your asus laptop rigged with normal dp?
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