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Jun 7, 2011
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Mobius 1

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    1. B'midbar
      PM'ing you on a discount code from your post in the X1 Xtreme thread.

      Cheers, B
    2. a-RON
      would you mind recommending the MSI wt73-687? I have not seen much on the web about this particular unit
    3. Vasudev
      Phoenix will kill me if I post offtopic msgs. Disable turbo boost(optional), enable speedshift with value set to 200, disable speedstep and C1E as well.
      Also enable the god mode of power options
      And lastly switch to power saver mode. I think you can gain 2-3 hrs of battery life.
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      3. Mobius 1
        Mobius 1
        I'll play with this more when I get my P71 back from service.
        Feb 16, 2018
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      4. Vasudev
        OK great!
        Feb 16, 2018
      5. Vasudev
        Yeah Mobius 1 EPP value of 180 is optimal value for kaby. Anything above cause stuttering. I will check Intel CPU arch. docs or SST docs.
        Feb 19, 2018
    4. ranjim
      Good day. Saw your posts in the TS guide thread. Was wondering if you have recommendations on what GPU tuner to use with TS to maximize performance. Got a GE63VR with the 7700hq and 1070 gpu but not getting the performance out of the box.
      1. Mobius 1
        Mobius 1
        pm me your discord name and we'll figure this out
        Dec 26, 2017
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      2. brodyghost
        Could you help me with mine too ? i got the 7700hq and 1060, i already install TS and setup the task scheduler. my discord is Phuc Phung#5368
        Jul 31, 2018
    5. kmwaziri

      Still doing repastes? I live in SC and you're closest to me (correct me if wrong). Could you please PM me the details of AW17 7820HK/1080 repasting with LM... cost of service complete with new thermal pads etc?
      Sorry I'm unable to PM you.
      1. Afcarla415

        sorry to hijack this post but it seems i cannot make my own post or PM @Mobius 1 if you could pls send me a PM i would like to ask about alienware 15 r3 screen replacement. thank you
        Dec 3, 2017
    6. jaug1337
    7. genomecop
      Evening...fellow NYC'r here. Wanted to ask you something. I'm thinking about getting the YOGA 720 with the 1050 GPU. Is this something that is worth a re-paste and would you want to do it?
      Let me know, have a great evening.
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      2. genomecop
        I guess that's a no. :)
        May 30, 2017
      3. Mobius 1
        Mobius 1
        Don't forget to reship it to a tax free state, be smart and save money
        May 30, 2017
      4. Angelic_Shay
        Hello I don't mean to comment on this but I'm not really sure how to make my own but I was wondering if you know how to fix a problem on my computer not sure what it is but it keeps freezing and yes it was been overclocked and repasted. Can you please add me on discord if you would like? Its Angelic_Shay #9322 Thanks in advance!
        Jun 27, 2017
    8. solat152
      How much for a repaste. I don't see a pm option.
      Thanks. Names Adrian. Oh yeah alienware 17 r4. i7 7820hk/1070
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      2. Mobius 1
        Mobius 1
        check PM
        Apr 10, 2017
      3. matt4109
        Can you please pm me as well? Thanks
        Jun 6, 2017
    9. Pete Light
      Pete Light
      Hey Mobius, can you advise what GPU tuner to overclock it you use please?

      Also some idea of what to expect with the stock AW 17 R4 with GTX1080 would be awesome thanks!! :)
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      2. Pete Light
        Pete Light
        àdd me on Discord if you like mate, Quasar#4814
        Jan 4, 2017
      3. Mobius 1
        Mobius 1
        Jan 5, 2017
      4. cn555ic
        Can you please email me also for your repasting service

        I am located in brooklyn New York.

        Jan 24, 2017
    10. cyber_patriot
      Could you please e-mail me @ with some details on what services you offer | pricing? I have the Alienware 17 R4 i7-6820HK, 32GB RAM, 512GB m.2 pciE, QHD, etc... Thank you!!
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