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Sep 19, 2015
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7820HK @ 4.7GHz

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Jan 13, 2018 at 8:31 PM
    1. SushiDubya
      Hi I'd like some info on repasting service. Can you add me on discord? my profile name is Sushi™#9311
      1. jonnathan
        @iunlock Can you message me on discord? its about an Alienware 17R4 1080, the standard stuttering and vrel problem,Discord: JROD3008 #1880
        Jan 9, 2018
      2. YukiHaouJudai
        @iunlock, Can you send me a message on discord? I'm interested in purchasing your repaste service for an Alienware 15 R3, GTX 1070.
        Discord: YukiHaouJudai #7436
        Jan 11, 2018 at 9:39 PM
    2. timsp8
      Checking on repaste service for AW 13R3 with uneven heatsink (10-15C temp differentials).
      1. akb
        iunlock can you add me on discord AKB#5485
        Dec 24, 2017
    3. Addicted2GamZz
      how much is your repaste service for the AW 17 R4(i7 7820HK GTX 1080)? does the service include heat sink upgrade, and repadding etc.?
      1. kbcastillo
        I am also interested! I have the same specs: i7 7820HK GTX1080. Would like the heat sink and repaste upgrade - located in Seattle WA. Discord: kbcastillo#5237
        Dec 12, 2017
      2. Dyvizion
        I am interested in this service. Please message me here with info on pricing, time, and other logistics. TY!
        Dec 17, 2017
    4. NA087
      going to copy what he said @Airizzo

      Hey iunlock, can you msg me on discord or here? I wish to purchase your repaste and possibly heatsink mod service Discord is kalel#5964
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      2. iunlock
        Hello @Jeff.:P , I need the 4 digit number too. Thanks
        Oct 29, 2017
        Jeff.:P likes this.
      3. Jeff.:P
        #2576 thanks!
        Oct 30, 2017
      4. jujitsu1
        I am also interested in your service for repaste and heatsink mod services for AW 17r4 Discord: jujitsu1#1145
        Nov 7, 2017
    5. Airizzo
      Hey iunlock, can you msg me on discord or here? I wish to purchase your repaste and possibly heatsink mod service. Discord is izzo#0469
      1. iunlock
        Added. :)
        Oct 23, 2017
    6. HussainQ
      I would like information on your re-paste service. Thanks.
      Could you add me on Discord? Username: ParanormalBat#7789
      1. iunlock
        Added. :)
        Oct 23, 2017
    7. garcha92
      Hey iunlock, i need to talk to you regarding your repaste service, can you please add me on discord?
      edit: tag is 6706

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      3. W0lfenstein90
        Please add me, I need to ask you some questions. My discord tag is 9584 Thanks man!
        Oct 21, 2017
      4. iunlock
        @W0lfenstein90 ..I've tried adding you, but it didn't work. Please type it out exactly like it is... ie...it is case sensitive.
        Oct 23, 2017
        W0lfenstein90 likes this.
      5. W0lfenstein90
        @iunlock sorry I wrote it wrong, my discord is wolf#9584
        Nov 12, 2017
    8. bjrebo
      can you add me on discord? bjrebo
    9. bjrebo
      Are you still doing Liquid Metal repaste's for AW laptops? I just ordered a 15r3 with 7820hk and 1070 and would like to repaste the CPU/GPU. Thanks in advance.
      1. iunlock
        Hello are you on Discord? We can chat there. Thanks.
        Sep 8, 2017
      2. Eliaz Bell
        Eliaz Bell
        I'm new to the site is there anyway we could discuss a possible repaste and repad? I'm a student and i just dont have the time.

        my Discord is Eliaz133
        Oct 13, 2017
    10. kairess

      I would like to remove the 1070 heat sink and install the 1080 heat sink to lower the cpu temperature.

      My Alienware specification is 7820HK, 1070.

      What should I adjust the height of the thermal pad?
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      2. davdinno
        Hello @iunlock , thanks for being so active and helping people with their attempts at repasting x). I am also looking at using Conductonaut LM to repaste my Clevo P775DM3-G and would really like some insight from the guru himself :) I see you use discord to chat to people, my username is David#5765 Look forward to hearing from you!
        Sep 7, 2017
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      3. iunlock
        Sep 8, 2017
      4. iunlock
        Sep 8, 2017
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