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9900K @ 5.4GHz

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Apr 18, 2019 at 2:19 AM
    1. ImmortalMario
      Hey, iunlock, would you please help me with repasting using liquid metal. Alienware 15 r3 7820hk w GTX 1070. It's my first time doing something like this, but looking at your post it seems very accurate, and doable. However, I still need help with making sure I understand exactly what to do for the thermal pads. I'm in California and it would be amazing if I could have done it by someone with experience.
      1. ImmortalMario
        my discord is siawashm#6161
        Feb 27, 2019
    2. makenov
      Hi iunlock, could you please show me with where I can buy the pressure paper test? My dell 7577 now having uneven core temps. Thanks a lot!
    3. rlucho
      Hi, I'm Interested on your repaste service for my AW 17 R5 i9 1080 gtx, if you can add me on discord please rlucho#8030 . Thanks in advance!
      1. Slickyo
        17 r4 here and also interested in repasting services. please add me on discord. Slicktrick#2250
        Nov 24, 2018
      2. Commando Cat
        Commando Cat
        17 r4 here as well! Also interested! Do please add me as well, got some questions for you! Commando.Cat#8295
        Nov 28, 2018
      3. XcsTasY
        Hi, I'm Interested on your repaste service for my AW 17 R4 i7 1080 gtx, if you can add me on discord please xcstasy#8050 . Thanks in advance!
        Jan 8, 2019
    4. Sabertiger
      Hi, iunlock, would you offer any repaste service for alienware 17r5? My discord is sabertiger#3522
    5. GreatD
      Hi iunlock. Hope you well? I was just wondering with Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut does it last long and does it have a curing time before you can game for maximum heat dissipation? My laptop is was idling at 33c degrees and lately it's not reducing lower than 39-40c degrees on idle with CPU power at 1.2 W. Ambient temp between 25- 27c degrees. This temp is for CPU and GPU.
      1. GreatD
        Load temps dont exceed 82c degrees on CPU while gaming and GPU stays at 72c degrees.
        Oct 29, 2018
    6. Muezick
      Something I've been curious about. Is LM like other pasted in that you can usually set it and forget it for awhile or does it need some kind of maintenance?
      1. Helidium
        I am also wondering about this. What is your experience with LM on a laptop?
        Aug 23, 2018
      2. iunlock
        LM is very different than traditional paste. If done properly it'll last outlast the laptop... Please be very careful when applying LM.
        Oct 10, 2018
      3. CF888
        Hi @iunlock do you have any tips on the mods you made to th Aero15 heatsink?
        Feb 2, 2019
    7. Aristotelhs2060
      Any plans to give us a guide for Alienware 17 R5. Dell/alienware still provides temps of 90 and over.
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      2. Muezick
        Seconding, and Curious about the 15 R4 :D
        Aug 2, 2018
    8. Jake long
      Jake long
      Hello iunlock, I'm trying to understand your PCH modding process, can you tell me more information about the process you took?
      The heat from the PCH + the Room Temperature + Hevyload push the PCH chip to run around 74 Degree celcius so I decided to mod PCH too. Mine is 17r4.
      Thanks in advance :)
    9. omarram
      Hey man, thanks for the detailed repaste guide for 17 R4 and 15 R3, however, i have found that the thermal pad measurements(0.5mm, 1mm, and 1.5mm) on my 15R3 with 7820HK and 1080 Max-q different by dell than the ones i saw in the screenshots, is it possible to tell me the official correct measurements? I've contacted dell support and they told me they didn't have that information lol
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      2. XcsTasY
        Hey @iunlock

        I'm Interested on your repaste service for my AW 17 R4 i7 1080 gtx, if you can add me on discord please xcstasy#8050 . Thanks in advance!
        Jan 8, 2019
      3. KingSpooky
        I was hoping to talk to you about the same thing. My discord is KingSpooky#1909
        Mar 12, 2019
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      4. iunlock
        Added. :) (Reminder, please check for caps or lower case..ie.. the discord name has to be exact, so if I haven't added some of you it's because it was not spelled to a T.)
        Mar 12, 2019
    10. JRBruett
      Good Evening iunlock,
      I have been reading your advise regarding the Alienware 17 R4 (7820HK GTX1080) thermals and re-pasting guides. I have tried to re-paste myself and have had little-no success. Would it be possible for you to add me on Discord to discuss your re-paste service?
      Thank you.

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      2. Chaosthry
        Hey, could you add me on discord? I have a question about the AW 15 r3 regarding repasting it as it's my first time. Discord: chaosthry #8113
        Apr 16, 2018
      3. Johnathan_tylr
        Good Afternoon. I can tell that you get numerous requests, however, I am also interested in services for my alienware laptop. From what I can tell, you talk through Discord. My name is scorpious89 #5316. If you are still doing this, please let me know. Thank you.
        Apr 22, 2018
      4. iunlock
        Added. :)
        Oct 9, 2018
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