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Dec 23, 1990 (Age: 27)

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Notebook Prophet, Male, 27

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    1. Borost
      This guy waited for me about 1 hour to connect with him on teamviewer and helped me through my turtle speed internet without bothering. He undervoltaged (which i had no idea it was possible) my hot 92C reaching gtx870m to stay it cool around 80C. He is like robinhood of this forum. And i am pretty sure there is more guys like him.

      I cannot thank you enough. I wish you best of luck. Always!
    2. DNOYA
      Hi Danihblunt, I just finish tried with windows 7 clean installation, the result is the same when I play the game the game stop and the screen become white. pls let me know when you have time to remote my laptop, and pls let me know what kind of data or driver that you needed, I will put in one folder in the desktop to make it easy to search.

      i will PM my Tview ID

      thanks very much.
    3. abdullah_mag
      This man spent 6 hours with me on discord and teamviewer last night essentially doing all the vbios unlocking & benchmarking for my gtx 965m, and it's basically a 970m now.

      You've been nothing but honest, helpful, knowledgable, and incredibly friendly despite my laptop being the weird mess of dell and nvidia shenanigans.

      I truly cannot thank you enough but i sure as hell will do.

      Many thanks m8
    4. PatoKw
      Hey man I wanna ask the laptop we've been discussing, regarding it's battery time life, how can it be compared to other gamings laptops? average or below average of gaming laptops? Do you think I am supposed to pay more to find same laptop strength&performance if i want additional battery time?
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    Dec 23, 1990 (Age: 27)


    4940MX OC | Firestrike | 3DMark2011
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