Jan 13, 2016
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    1. Koniptn
      Hey @artpra do you still have the vBIOS for your 970m in your 8770w?

      I cannot find a HP based 970m 6GB vBIOS to flash onto this card. I am trying to get everything working, and the card does output to the screen, but does not power the back light. I think it is partially a vBIOS issue, or the fact that my laptop is dreamcolor...

      Either way, I am unable to find a vBIOS, and was hoping you could help
    2. 606320
      Hi artpra,

      i read, that you had some success with upgrading gpu, so perhaps you can help me. I own a 8770W and my gpu (a Quadro k5000m) is dead now, so id like to upgrade to the new Pascal series,,426%29HPElitebook8770W
      i installed the newest bios, but i fear the Card is whitelisted, it doesnt work...
      Do you know where i could get the right bios?

      thanks Chris
    3. 606320
      Hello artpra,

      i read, that you managed to upgrade your 8770w to an 970 gtx gpu. iv got a 8760w and my mainboard crashed last week, so i plan to repair it perhaps with the mainboard of the 8770w and then upgrade the gpu from the old quadro 3000m to a gtx 980m, these is the theory...

      so could you tell me what you did, to upgrade to 970?

      thanks for your help,

      best chris
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