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    1. oripash

      Saw your post here:

      How did you run pciespeedtest on the second GPU? (command line switches? recompiled it with the second one hardcoded in?)

      (I've got two desktop GPUs connected to a macbook air (running win8/64/EFI) on a thunderbolt daisychain and need to run pciespeedtest on both at the same time to establish if they're each getting a separate thunderbolt channel or sharing one between them :))

      And yes. That's a macbook air being a proper gamebox ;)
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    First GT73VR Titan SLI 6RE DOA, second in for repairs FIVE times for white screen then no video out (fully stock, or with new drives and new power brick). Motherboard replaced once, video cards twice, drives once, wireless adapter once. Still has this issue, and the repair folks apparently STILL can't replicate this with step by step instructions. On try SIX (SEVEN months in) the repair team finally replicated the issue (after I submitted multiple videos of the problem occuring), and a replacement offered.

    Replacement Refurb: MSI GT73VR 7RE Titan SLI 4K - Windows 10 Pro, i7 7820HK @ 4.2GHz, SLI GTX 1070s, 4K G-Sync Screen, 32GB 2400MHz DDR4, Striped 256GB NVMe drives, 7.68TB Micron SSD, and a 1TB WD Blue m.2 SATA

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