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May 27, 2014
    1. Lillehamer
      Hallo Mark, i have write abaut a little problem i have whit my Alienware 18,4 skreen, a little bug inside the skreen, i am the owner and there is still garanty on this laptop, but Dell in Denmark says there is no garanty on the skreen, is that true, bacause i whant to remove that bug ofcause, can you advise me here.
      Kim Madsen. Denmark.
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    Mark O<br /> Dell | Alienware Technical Support <img src="" width="14" alt="Alienware Arena" />
    Opening your case and/or replacing parts yourself does not void your warranty, check our disassemble videos on YouTube
    Quickest way to get support from Dell: Twitter via @AlienwareTech or using the "message" link.
    I can't always reply to PM's, please for extra assistance use any of the Facebook and Twitter links
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