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  1. Ferit
    thanks a lot
  2. EepoSaurus
    the 3d does not work but everything else does. Its an nvidia and alienware thing technically theres no reason it shouldn't work so they don't allow any other cards to function with it
  3. Ferit
    hey man, I saw your comment from years ago about putting a 980m in a 120 Hz alienware 17 r1, did you get the 3D to work? how about with the 1070 you seem to have put in the same machine later? thanks
  4. Leandro Lopes
    Man, i have bad news... I acually don´t have a tray icon for this mouse, it dosen´t even have the property controls you have. I searched in control panel, device manager, driver properties, device...
  5. radolf
    Thank you again! Do you have an idea to write Prema an Mail!? I´am new here and a can`t see to reach prema... regards

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