Color Profiles AUO 4k Panel

victorwol, Mar 29, 2016
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    • esteban1985
      Victor i dont understand why this same panel of auo 4k has different specs in the alienware,msi or this clevo laptops,supposedly this panel the auo B173ZAN01.0 should have the same specs in all the laptops but if you see the test in the alienware for example is diferent than the msi GT73VR in the alienware the brightness is higher than the msi GT73VR and the color is about 98% on the alienware and about 60% of the ARGB on the msi GT73VR,i really dont understand why using the same panel with the same backlight led and the same 400nits in the measure test's are different,it is just about the calibration or there is something else?the panel cannot be modified by the brand so how is possible that the alienware 17r3 get the 355nits on the highest bright point and the new msi gt73vr 6rf get only 325nits on the highest point also??is about the voltage?is higher on the alienware the voltage and in the msi less?all this don'st have sense because the panel cannot be modified on itself,if you see the measurements of the alienware on the website notebookcheck you will see higher brightness and much better color accuracy on the standard ARGB than the MSI GT73VR 6RF,how is possible that with the same f+`ng panel the measurements are so different?¡¡thanks in advance
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