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    Default Can't access BIOS on W520

    After reading about how awesome UEFI is, when I did a clean install of Windows 7 on my W520, I set it to to be UEFI only. Things have been great, and my Thinkpad boots up faster than I could have hoped for, but there is one problem. I can no longer access my BIOS, or any related functions, such as selecting a boot device. This has been a pretty major inconvenience, as I cannot install another OS on any other partition.

    Furthermore, I am worried that, if my computer crashes or become unable, I will be unable to recover it. I cannot boot from a CD drive or a USB drive at all. If I I try to and hold the blue ThinkVantage button down during bootup, it just boots straight to Windows.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Can't access BIOS on W520

    Press f1 during boot will fix the problem

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    Default Re: Can't access BIOS on W520

    and F12 for boot options.

    Just spam either F1 or F12 (depending on need) when you press power until it beeps at you.
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