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    Default multiple external monitors on t400

    I want to set up multiple external monitors for my t400, would like to have at least 2 external. How can I accomplish this? Also if I do have an external, or two, can I also have the laptop screen work at the same time as well?

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    Default Re: multiple external monitors on t400

    If you get the dock (I believe the T400 uses the Advanced Mini-Dock), you can use two external monitors.

    Unfortunately, you will lose the Notebook LCD because the graphics card in the T400 is only DualHead (two monitors max).

    One other option that will allow you to use two (or three) external monitors AND the internal display is the DualHead2Go or TripleHead2Go. This device tricks Windows into believing that multiple monitors are in fact one big monitor. However, this has a serious downside because you can't maximize windows to individual monitors (Windows thinks it is just one display).



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