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    Default Strange Problem - Keyboard Lock & Function Keys

    I have a Lenovo R61e Thinkpad loaded with XP, the keyboard got locked somehow and I could not able to type anything now. I think it is in the "fn" (function) mode rightnow by default, because when I press the "pageup" key (without pressing fn key) the light at the top of the screen glows and when I press the "pageup" (without pressing Fn key) key it goes off again. Likewise, I pressed "F12" (again without pressing Fn key) and it went into hibernation mode.

    I don't know how my notebook got into this function mode ON automatically. I tried restarting the notebook, but again the same problem. Rightnow, I am getting the XP login screen, but unable to type anything because of the reason mentioned above and so could'nt able to enter further.

    Can someone please help me out on what exactly the problem could be.. and what should I do to fix this?


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    Default Re: Strange Problem - Keyboard Lock & Function Keys

    I've never worked with a ThinkPad, and I'm having trouble tracking down the User's Manual on Lenovo's site. My best guess, however, is that there is a "Fn Lock" feature on your keyboard (my Logitech keyboard has something similar). If you have a user's manual, check the function-key mapping.

    In the meantime, see if you can type in your UN/PW on the XP login screen by holding down the Fn key.



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