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    Default Intel Sebring API?

    Hey guys, just letting you know I FINALLY bought my very first and very sleek IBM T42 So far I love it, I replaced the 40 gig HD with a 60 gig, and soon I'll have to add an extra ram stick for quicker loads (it currently has 256mb.)

    However I realized something when searching through the Add and Remove Programs listing. A program called Intel(R) Sebring API...what's this? It's taking up 4gigs of my harddrive and I'm curious if I'd be able to just remove it and free up extra space. If I could it would be great, but I can't find any good information anywhere about this Sebring API. Does anyone else know what this is?

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    Hi Striker. I dont know much about the sebring program, but one of it's functions is to drive the wireless hotkey. When you reformat your notebook you may well find that this hotkey will no longer work. The error message will read: "Unable to load the INTEL Sebring API, please install Proset utility".
    Hope this sheds at least a fragment of light. If you find more information elsewhere, please post it here.



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