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    Default x60 Reformat and Restore


    This x60 been constantly crashing since I purchased it. It freezes up every 1/2 hr or so rendering it completely usless for business use.
    I'm going to attempt to restore it to deafult settings from factory before last resort which is bringing it in to Lenovo service. The store I bought it from insists there is nothing wrong with it but time after time when I visit the place, there is sometimes a customer in there complaining about a lap they bought. Yes this lap was opened and sold as a demo.
    It had some previous software installed by the store.

    My question: is there anything I should be aware of before attempting a system restore and reformat of HD.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: x60 Reformat and Restore

    Save off your important data (if there's any), then do a factory restore. If you were to send it to Lenovo, most likely the tech would want you to restore first so that they can isolate the issue(s) better. Lord knows what is loaded when it was a demo. Good luck.

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    Default Re: x60 Reformat and Restore

    I totally agree with sclui56.
    If you have 2 partitions, you can move you data to the 2nd partition and restore to factory state in the other partition.



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