Quantcast 64-bit Vista on Thinkpad T60?

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    Default 64-bit Vista on Thinkpad T60?

    Is anyone runs 64-bit Vista on Thinkpat T60?
    Is there any problem with drivers and Lenovo software?

    Another question about Express Upgrade. Lenovo sends 32-bit CD for upgrade from XP Home. Why? T60 can handle 64-bit (the new one at least).
    Is it legal to upgrade to 64-bit instead of 32-bit?
    I know that Microsoft ships Vista with 2 CDs: one is 64-bit, anothe is 32-bit. And you can install what you like. But this is for retail version. Does it apply to Express Upgrade?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: 64-bit Vista on Thinkpad T60?

    Actually they ship it with 32 bit with instructions on how to get the 64 bit version. There is not much of a practical advantage to 64 bit right now as most software is still 32 bit.

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    Default Re: 64-bit Vista on Thinkpad T60?

    Yes, and the most annoying problem is to find out some components have not released any of their 64-bit driver yet. In that case, then you going to feel that you hit the road....



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