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    Default What does Power Management do?

    I'm trying to decide if I want to install this driver or not. I'm inclined not to because I want as few services running at one time as I can. After a clean install on a new hard drive, the screen still dims after I unplug the AC so Windows seems to have some rudimentary builtin power management which may be fine for me. But I'd like to know more baout what it does before disabling that device all together.

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    It gives you a nice little interface for various power settings. I personally find it handy. I got rid of most of the other stuff, but kept the power manager.

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    yea the power management is very useful. I'm used to it so much that whenever I use other laptop I just know a program is missing, the power management program! It let you modify more in details such as you can force the computer to use lowest cpu speed for better battery and lower the brightness wether it is on ac or battery. It helps because sometime I don't need the cpu power even while on ac so the bottom of laptop would not be too warm.

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    Power management is different from Power manager. I use Power manager alot to change my power options and check my battery status, but I still did not figure out what power management does.



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