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    Default HP Pavilion DV7 won't power on

    I have an HP Pavilion DV7 that won't power on. My fiancée was using her laptop when the laptop shut down. She had the AC adapter plugged in at the time, but she is not sure if the AC or the battery was being used. She tried restarting it and it brought up a recovery screen. She selected to start in safe mode. While it was doing this the laptop shut down again and she wasn't able to power it back on.

    When I got home from work I looked at it and I removed the battery and tried starting the laptop with just the AC adapter. It didn't start. Then I tried just the battery without the AC adapter. I was able to get the computer to power up but nothing displayed on the screen. I forced it to shut down. After that I haven't been able to power the laptop back up. The AC adapter cable seems a little loose when plugged in the the laptop. I noticed the little AC adapter LED light next to the plug doesn't light up with when the AC adapter is plugged in. The light flickers when I push the power button on the laptop but nothing happens.

    I am feeling like the problem could either be with the AC adapter plug or maybe a loose connection with the motherboard. I am also unsure if the laptop overheated since she normally doesn't pay attention to the vents. I blew some dust out but it wasn't too bad.

    Thanks for the help!


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    Default Re: HP Pavilion DV7 won't power on

    You might try removing the battery and AC adapter. Hold down the power button for 30-60 seconds. Reinsert battery and adapter and see if that works. Was able to get to get one of my laptops restarted after overheating.

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    Default Re: HP Pavilion DV7 won't power on

    Seems like an overheating problem so common with HP computers. You can try contacting HP.

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    Default Re: HP Pavilion DV7 won't power on

    Do the capslock / numlock lights blink, maybe several times with a pause in between?

    If that's the case, maybe these would help:

    Caps Lock/Num Lock LED Component Tested Error Condition
    LEDs blink 1 time CPU CPU not functional
    LEDs blink 2 times BIOS BIOS corruption failure
    LEDs blink 3 times Memory Module error not functional
    LEDs blink 4 times Graphics Graphics controller not functional
    LEDs blink 5 times System board General system board failure
    LEDs blink 6 times BIOS BIOS authentication failure
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    Default Re: HP Pavilion DV7 won't power on

    Quote Originally Posted by Pranalien View Post
    Seems like an overheating problem so common with HP computers. You can try contacting HP.
    No it really doesn't, because if it were an overheating problem then it would boot fine after it cooled down.

    It sounds like a bad power supply. Most likely the mainboard needs to be replaced. Hopefully it's still under warranty.
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