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    Default What do these programs do?

    I'm trying to figure out which of these programs I should uninstall. Is there a list or something that explains what they actually do and if i need them?

    -HP Connection Manager
    -HP On Screen Display
    -HP Quick Launch
    -HP Software Framework
    -Intel Display Audio Driver
    -Intel Management Engine Components
    -Intel Rapid Storage Technology
    -Validity WBF DDK

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    Default Re: What do these programs do?

    HP connection manager:easier wifi/bt toggles
    HP on screen/the volume/brightness pop-up
    HP quicllaunch:not sure
    HP software framework:it is a common dependency for things like coolsense
    The rest you want to keep
    DV6T 61xx Manual Switch/OverClock Tutorial

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    Default Re: What do these programs do?

    I believe Intel Display Audio Driver allows audio to pass through HDMI

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    Default Re: What do these programs do?

    Validity WBF DDK is the fingerprint reader, I think.

    Quicklaunch might also be related to the fingerprint reader. (where you swipe a finger and it launches a program based on which finger you swiped)

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    Default Re: What do these programs do?

    Quicklaunch enables the top row of keys on the keypad such as the volume control.

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    Default Re: What do these programs do?

    Quicklaunch also enables you to launch your web browser via the dedicated button on the dv6 in the upper left corner, next to the power button. If you did the minimal system install, for your system, you can be pretty self-assured that there is no "crapware" or other worthless HP app on your machine. But it all depends upon your point of view.
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