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    My friend had his TX1000 stop working and here is how I fixed it:

    He put it to hibernate and the screen never turned back on. I researched the issue and found that he had very old drivers that Vista wasn't really using well and cause his screen to remain off.
    So I removed the battery for a day (you could try a couple of hours) because this allows the electricity in the system to dissipate completely, plugged it in and turned it on and it worked. (He had been trying this for 2 weeks but never unplugged battery).

    This is not your issue necessarily, but I just thought it might help some other people. The TX1000 has overheating issues and when I opened up his laptop, I noticed burns inside his computer, the plastic, the Wifi cards components were melting but still working.
    The most common problem is the GPU and it thermal compound not being applied well in quantity and quality. The GPU comes off the board or gets too hot and starts to malfunction. This is the same issue with the older 360's and their RROD and why some will get a temporary fix by heating it in various ways.

    Companies can apply new compounds for you for $50-100 and although I do not remember the link I sent my friend, I recommend that at least for the long-run you either do it yourself or get it done (repaste, etc)
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    Default Re: HP TX1000 Laptop won't turn on

    Quote Originally Posted by googlei View Post
    I had this laptop, with the same problems its the GPU proc. thats not properly soldered (it de soldered during overheating).


    1.Take out the battery

    2.Lay the laptop flat

    3. TAKE A HAIRDRYER (I know it sound ridiculous but it really works) and heat up the corner where the fan is, but be very careful. You will want to heat it up, then periodically put the battery back in and try to turn t on, for the first time it will probably take you 2-3 cycles of heating then testing.

    After it does turn on, turn it back off and let it cool BOTTOM FACING and then your good to go.

    I did it: just 2-3 minutes with the hairdrier (max power) on that corner, moving alternate holes. At second chance, the fu**** laptop runs!.

    At work, we use a similar way to solve problems with multifunctional and printer motherboards, but with a bread toaster, like a little open oven with heat from up & down.

    Can u imagine whos the manufacturer? Exactly: HP.


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