Quantcast HP/Compaq Windows Reinstallation Guides w/ Vista->XP Guide for dvx500 notebooks!

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    Default HP/Compaq Windows Reinstallation Guides w/ Vista->XP Guide for dvx500 notebooks!

    1 If you are looking to do a clean install of Windows Vista. Take a look here...
    Clean Vista install WITH NO ACTIVATION

    2. If you want to install Windows XP on a system which did not ship with Windows XP then follow the guide linked below. But if your system shipped with XP and you want to do a clean reinstall then go to step 3.

    Windows XP installation guide for systems(dvX500t) which shipped with Windows Vista
    Installing Windows XP on the Intel based dvx500t Series


    3. The links below deal with reinstalling a *clean* version of Windows XP on new Intel based HP/Compaq Notebooks. The main problem with reinstalling in the new range is mostly due to the use of SATA hard drives on these systems which Win XP does not have the necessary drivers. So, one has to slipstream the SATA drivers to their Windows XP installation or disable SATA support in the BIOS and then install Windows. The guides also discuss many issues which can arise during reinstallation, such as reinstalling Quickplay and other drivers.

    ****Important - Before doing anything, burn the recovery DVD/CD's and make a copy of the C:\SWSetup folder (since it contains the necessary drivers for the notebook)

    If you have an older version or a HP notebook with PATA hard drive and HP provided you with OS CD/DVD, in such a case you probably won’t need to go through any of the steps suggested below. The OS and the drivers/applications are located in separate discs and you have the choice to pick and choose what software you want/dont want to install.

    If you have a specific questions, please do not hesitate to post them in the respective thread.

    !!All the steps mentioned below are as is by members of the forum and follow them at your own risk!!

    The guides should also work with the equivalent Compaq models as well.

    Slipstreaming SATA drivers onto the XP disc:
    HP dv2000t Reinstallation Guide

    Disabling Sata support in the BIOS and then installing Windows XP:
    HP dv8000t Reinstallation Guide

    HP Pavilion dv2000z(AMD) reinstallation guide: (this should also work for the dv6000z, dv9000z & the Compaq equivalents)
    HP DV2000Z (AMD) Reinstall Guide (w/o Bloatware)
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    Default Re: HP/Compaq Windows Reinstallation Guides w/ Vista->XP Guide for dv6500/9500 notebooks!

    The latest 'How to' on installing XP instead of Vista onto your dvX500 laptop can be found HERE:
    Installing Windows XP on the Intel based dvx500t Series
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