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    Default Presario v5000 and mobile meter

    I couldn't find anything on this, but is there something funny with the v5000 interfacing with mobile meter?

    It records 0 for the CPU temp and the battery charge/discharge rate unless the proc gets real hot, then it reads 90+ deg C. Is this something to be worried about? Is there a workaround?

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    Default Re: Presario v5000 and mobile meter

    MobileMeter gets its info from the BIOS via ACPI, and it looks like that particular part of the BIOS is broken. (Alternatively, it's possible that the ACPI specification was updated and MobileMeter doesn't know how to handle it yet, but I doubt it.) Hopefully HP will fix it in a future BIOS update. HDD temps appear to read correctly though. The dv8000 series has the same problem. This may be related to why Hot CPU Tester Pro crashes on startup.

    I'm not sure Charge Rate has read correctly on any HP notebook. I disabled its display.



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