Quantcast HP Tablet TC4200 Password bios needs reset

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    Default HP Tablet TC4200 Password bios needs reset


    A friend of mine put password in his tablet and i went to bios and remove it, then after that, For some reason, It promt for the password at the beginning and i dont' know which to type. The original password my friend set is not working at this time.

    ANy one help? Please

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    Default Re: HP Tablet TC4200 Password bios needs reset

    Try holding the power button for 30seconds. This might reset the BIOS settings. If this doesnt work the your gonna have to remove the CMOS battery inside the laptop. You will have to go through the HP service manual and figure out where it is.

    On a hp dv2000 theres a special compartment for it which can easily be accessed from the bottom fo the laptop



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