Quantcast How can I connect my laptop to my car?

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    Default How can I connect my laptop to my car?

    The other day, I was sitting in my friend's honda pilot. I was wondering if there's anyway to hook up the sound from my HP to the stereo system or was there anyway to hook up the video as well. Does anyone know?
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    Default Re: How can I connect my laptop to my car?

    FM Tuner, cassette adapter, or you would need a car radio with auxiliary input.
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    Default Re: How can I connect my laptop to my car?

    You can get one of these:

    There are more expensive solutions out there, but this should suffice.
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    Default Re: How can I connect my laptop to my car?

    Plug it in the engine ECU haha jks

    What brand deck is it? You said video too, im guessing its DVD Deck right?

    Umm Most new cd decks have an auxillary port for ipods and stuff but if you only have the standard cd deck you will have to use an FM transmitter unless you have an amp and you wanna run it directly through that.
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