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    Default Possible to reactive/rejuvenate the battery?

    My battery, after almost one year's use, reports about 82% capacity. Is there any handy tools out there to reactivate the battery?

    I remember Thinkpad has a tool to fill the capacity. Hope Hp can have one.
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    Default Re: Possible to reactive/rejuvenate the battery?

    i think it naturally deteriorates over time.

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    Default Re: Possible to reactive/rejuvenate the battery?

    I does deteriorate over time due to wear, but you can re-calibrate the battery from time to time. HP has a guide to do this on their website somewhere. Essentially, what it is, is for one disable any power saver options that might be there and run the laptop till it shuts down (not a windows shutdown but it just turns off due to lack of sufficient battery power) and then charge it back up to 100%. This apparently re-calibrates it.
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