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    Default dv2000 thermal pad

    I opened up my laptop because I had to replace the heat sink, and I noticed that there were 4 areas where I had to replace the thermal compound. I have thermal grease to put between the graphics processor, processor, and heat sink (they are in direct contact), but there are two places (I think it's the graphics memory and processor) on the top side of the board (the side of the board facing the bottom of the keyboard) that are connected to the top cover (the wrist rest and stuff around the keyboard) by some type of thermal pad that's like 1/4" thick. I can't find this anywhere!! Does anyone know where I can buy those kinds of thermal pads or that kind of thermal material? The only way I can get those two pieces from HP is if I buy a new processor and they will come with it. Basically, if you open your dv2000 laptop, you are screwed unless you buy another processor or someone knows where to buy these thermal pads from! Help!

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    I would suggest ebay.com / ebay.ca , because the thermal compounds & pads are very cheap there because if i were you , i woulnt put much money into the thermal things for such a laptop and by guess , the dv2000 doesn't have a good video card which you have not to worry about overheat or something like that.
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