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    Default Help me whit a COMPAQ Evo N400c

    Hello for all users, I need somme help whit an COMPAQ Evo N400c.
    My problem is this : My old HDD is broken and I have buy a new one, it is bigger (100Gb) but is empty and I want to set up the Win XP on this HDD. My notebook does not have a floppy disk device or an optichal device, I have only an external DVR RW and the CD whit WinXP but my Nootebook does not boot from the DVD RW (it is an USB device) and I can not solve this problem. If sommebody can help me please do this. Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english.
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    Default Re: Help me whit a COMPAQ Evo N400c

    My guess would be to try a USB floppy, but I'm not sure if that would even work. I know there's a way, I've just forgotten what that way is.

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    Default Re: Help me whit a COMPAQ Evo N400c

    I think you can boot with the USB DVD. I'm using the NC4000 and got the same DVD Drive in an external multibay. I think you have to change the BIOS first. Press F10 when you start and then figure it out there. Sure it works.

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    Default Re: Help me whit a COMPAQ Evo N400c

    Hi guys, greetings!!! I have been searchin' for some information on how to solve my current problem pertaining to my COMPAQ Evo N400C and eventually, I found this exciting site. I had similar problem with Newbie which I need further info and advise. My compaq Evo N400c has a Windows 2000 prof OS, and also with an external HDD (USB-CD) but without floppy disk drive. A month ago,I tried to install the Windows XP OS but unfortunately, the set up wasnt successful. I could not continue since there's an error, the system can't detect the CD...i'm sure this has something to do with the external HDD. I also tried to boot it out but still doesnt work. Unluckily, due to installation of XP, my previous windows 2K OS was corrupted and file was missing.I could never open my notebook I tried again to install the Windows 2000, but still could not read, meaning unsuccessful again. Now, I'll try to do booting with the USB DVD, thanks to mr. retche281. I hope this will work sir. However, would it be possible for a COMPAQ EVO N400c to use USB DVD since it's only USB CD? thanks again..I hope that someone out there, who is more expert could help. I really need youir help guys to solve my problem.

    Thank you very much and More power!

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Help me whit a COMPAQ Evo N400c

    The Compaq Evo N400c doesn't ship with any built-in drives other than the HDD. There is a device called an MEU (Mobile Expansion Unit) that has room for up to two drives. On mine, I have a floppy and a CDROM. They're kind of hard to find, but they're pretty useful.
    Now, as for how to boot from a USB device, you will need to screw around with the BIOS (F10 at boot up). You CAN boot from USB ANYTHING (DVDRAM, CDROM, USB Flash Drive, etc).
    Once in the BIOS, go to "Advanced"->"Device Options." You need to enable USB Legacy support, and then go to Boot Options and enable "Multiboot" and set the delay to about 10 seconds. Then, when you boot your Evo, you will have the option to select your installed HDD and any other devices that are USB attached to your machine at boot. If after making these changes in the BIOS, you still don't see your USB device, reboot and try again. Sometimes it takes a few tries to do it.



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