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    Default ProBook 4545s and WSXGA+ display

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been issued an HP ProBook 4545s by my employer. It is replacing my Lattitude d830. I am pretty pleased with the HP, runs Windows 7 quite nicely. I am disappointed in the display which has a resolution of 1366 x 766. My old Dell has a WSXGA+ panel that runs at 1680 x 1050,

    Does anyone know if HP offers a WSXGA+ display for the 4545s? Can I install one? I am a field tech and have replaced many LCDs but I have had no luck finding a panel that would work with the 4545s.

    Ant information, ideas r suggestions will be great appreciated. I hope you all had a very Happy Labor Day!


    George D.

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    Default Re: ProBook 4545s and WSXGA+ display

    we are on the same page here . I have the same laptop and i want to change the display .

    i have read the post with 4530s display upgrade and i wonder if it applies to 4545s model too.

    From my understanding we need to find a compatible display cable in order Full HD panels to work

    For example 4530s works perfect with lcd cable from 4730s .

    Maybe 4545s will work too but nobody tested it yet. The thing is that the cable is a bit expensive. From ebay it cost's at least 80 dollars.
    Unfortunatelly i can't order it directly from HP cause it doesn't sent to my Country (Greece)

    for more details HP Probook 4530s screen upgrade 900P, 1080P



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